* CASA Remote Pilot Licence (MR-B) | $1599


Live theory content delivered via Teams including minimum 5 hours practical flight. Includes CASA Remote Pilots License, Aeronautical Radio Operators' Certificate, all fees, and RAPPP Membership.

* CASA Remote Pilot Licence (MR-C) | $1399


Live theory content delivered via Teams including minimum 5 hours practical flight. Same as our RePL B but without the Radio Operators Certificate. Includes CASA Remote Pilots License, all fees and RAPPP Membership.

* CASA Remote Pilot Licence | Live Theory Workshops


Live online Teams sessions of all RePL theory units every other week covering all theory units. These units must be completed prior to attendance of your practical flight test. Flexible delivery to suit your schedule.

* Medium Category Training and Type Rating (MR)


Choose to train on the Medium Category system of your choice to standard in preparation for your type rating flight test or choose type rating only on AGRAS T30, T40, Callisto 50 or Freefly Alta-X.

* Remote Pilot Licence (MR) 25KG and Night Upgrade | $1249


Our most popular Combo giving you an unrestricted 25KG Multi Rotor RePL with Night approval for ReOC holders allowing you to operate at any time of the day - or night.

* Remote Pilot Licence (MR) Flight Crew | $1149


Gain your RePL without a CASA theory examination. This course covers the knowledge gaps between manned and unmanned aviation plus all practical flight competencies and checks. 

CASA Instrument Rating Course ( IREX ) | $3199


Exclusive face-to-face delivery of a contextualised CASA IREX syllabus over 10-14 days. Not available anywhere else worldwide. Location : Red Rocks NSW - private and group bookings welcome.

Survey Ops and Mapping Basics (MR) | $1249


AF This course teaches you about survey and mapping techniques with RPA. You'll complete the course theory and practical elements and receive a certificate of attainment in RPA Survey Operation and Mapping.

CASA Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate


Gain your CASA Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate. With engaging theory delivery and exclusive practical exercises, plus knowledge checks, this course gets you ready for your in person AROC theory exam.
Advanced Courses

CASA EVLOS 1 and 2 Pilot / Observer Course $2249


Advanced Courses
Extended Visual Line of Sight Operations into EVLOS 1 and 2. Extend your commercial range with our expert lead EVLOS 1 and 2 Course. Learn the rules, regulations and pathway to BVLOS flight.

CASA EVLOS 1/2 Application - ReOC Holders $2500


ReOC Comprehensive CASA EVLOS 1 and 2  Application for ReOC Holders. End to End expert integration of EVLOS 1 and 2 operational procedures into a new or existing ReOC and submission to CASA.

CASA OCTA Beyond Visual Line Of Sight ( BVLOS ) | $1495


Study online at your own pace in our comprehensive CASA OCTA Beyond Visual Line Of Sight theory training course. Delivers the knowledge required to pass the CASA OCTA BVLOS exam.

CASA Rapid ReOC ( Remote Operators Certificate ) $3199


RReoC Reduce the potential 3-6 month wait and receive your ReOC faster. Written by ourselves and our CASA delegate, we'll get your documents right the first time. Comprehensive delivery with exclusive online CRP briefing.

Complete Commercial Remote Pilot Package - $5299


Created for the professional commercial pilot looking to start a business in unmanned aviation. This course covers everything to set you up as an operation RPAS business capable of delivering commercial services in unmanned aviation.

Sub 2KG Flying Start Course - Online $59


Completely online, this course involves a 1 hour engaging briefing that looks at the rules, regulations and theory elements of RPAS Flight. Unsure if a job in the industry is for you? This is a great course to help - and a great gift!