* RePL Unrestricted 25KG Upgrade - Ripper DEAL $599


Upgrade your 7KG RePL weight restriction to 25KG allowing use of much larger and more versatile RPA. Consider our 25KG Night upgrade to further enhance your value.

25KG and Night NVLOS Combo Upgrade Course $1199


As a qualified RePL Pilot, why limit yourself, and your opportunity to day VMC only? With our Combo course, gain both your full 25KG and Night endorsements and unlock your licensed potential.

DJI UTC Inspection Course - 2 Days $1499


Gain an industry recognised DJI Certification as a professional commercial RPA Pilot giving you advanced level tools to operate within various unmanned industry sectors.

Remote Pilot Licence Sub-7KG ( RePL ) Face-to-Face


The foundation of your new career in the exploding unmanned aviation industry. Start with a sub 7KG RePL, or on the same course, complete 25KG and Night.

RePL Flight Crew Transition - $999


Flight crew are able to easily transition to RePL. The flight component is mandatory, but should be combined with our theory that delivers RPA knowledge.

Aeronautical Radio Operators' Certificate ( Online ) $399


This course is integral with our RePL courses but can be studied separately. We deliver the course online with some exclusive additions that will help you in the real world of manned aviation.

CASA Rapid ReOC ( Remote Operators' Certificate ) $1999


Reduce the potential 3-6 month wait and receive your ReOC in the minimum amount of time. Written by CASA delegates that will get your documents right the first time.

CASA RePL Course - Ripper Promo $899


The CASA Remote Pilot's License ( RePL ) Sub 7KG theory and Aeronautical Radio Operators' Certificate ( AROC ) course - at your own pace and on your terms, online - live and recorded.

DJI UTC Aerial Photography - 3 Days $1499


Become a recognised and certified DJI Aerial Photographer with our DJI Professional Photography course. Learn about composing, settings and skills to capture the perfect shot.

Flying Start Sub 2KG Course - $499


Fly for fun, learn about RPA types, what you can do with them, and know the rules. Our foundation course for young pilots and those wanting to enjoy RPA flight safely.

Night Flight - Advanced Operations $1199


Extending your Night Visual endorsement, an advanced course with one of our most experienced senior pilots, teaching you all about the operational world of after dark flight and imaging.

Survey Ops and Mapping - Advanced Flight $1199


Explore advanced imaging techniques in flight automation, mapping, thermal imaging with our expert trainers. Using our advanced RPA fleet, take your commercial value to the next level.
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