Whether it’s through saving lives, improving safety or contributing to economies, community is our overriding mission. A new and exciting technology has made this possible and we’ve been busy (and creative) getting it right! The Ripper Aviation Academy is an award-winning UTC Accredited Academy in Australia and is behind the world's first marine rescue by drone.

TRAA CASA Certified

RPA (Drone) Certificate courses


When drones, also known as remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), began to emerge, it made sense to the Ripper Group founder, Kevin Weldon, to assemble a team of individuals, equally passionate about saving lives and serving communities. With strong links to aviation, emergency services and training, the Ripper Group team wasted no time steering drone technology in a direction that has already seen benefits within the community. Our ground-breaking drone-based search and rescue service is one such example, where you’re likely to see our aircraft providing an aerial patrol capability to surf life saving on the beaches, or assisting emergency services with operations in a range of challenging environments.

So what’s next….

The Ripper Aviation Academy is the next step in our journey and is open for business! The academy will continue delivering the Ripper Group’s existing high standards of RPAS training and certification, whilst making it readily available to the community. Our training facilities, syllabus and instructors are world class, with the academy endorsed to award formal qualifications on behalf of CASA.

Whether you’re pursuing training to get the most from your recently purchased drone or aiming at a professional career in this fast growing industry, we have a course for you! Whatever your situation, you’ll depart the academy comfortable, competent and motivated to use your newly acquired knowledge and flying skills..

Why choose us?

In addition to the academy’s world-class training facilities, you can rest assured you’re being trained by a company at the forefront of the RPAS industry. We’re out there doing the job and as such, have a keen interest in ensuring all drone users are equipped with the knowledge and skills to conduct safe and effective drone operations.

We take an active interest in your progress and currency once you leave the academy, with options available for continuation training and additions to your initial qualifications. The skills associated with drone operations change rapidly and we will work closely with you to ensure you remain sharp as ever!

We supply all aircraft and associated training materials. Options are available for those wishing to use their own aircraft during training courses (conditions apply)
The Ripper Group
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