UTC DJI Academy

Through our vast experience and educational know how, global power house DJI has teamed up with The Ripper Aviation Academy, gaining the title as the Exclusive UTC Accredited Academy in Australia.

DJI Academy is a professional UAS application training program provided by DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology. Dedicated to empowering industry with drone technology, DJI Academy provides a one-stop service for individuals and corporations, including flight training, industrial applications and more. 

This service allows trainees to achieve faster, safer and more efficient results in their respective industry or field
The DJI training approach is mixed, including online learning, face-to-face classes, practical flight training and flight simulators. All trainees who undertake a training DJI training course will be required to pass a written exam and a practical test. Once successful, a UTC Certificate will be issued as a recognition of UAS application competence.
Aerial PhotographyCity flyover

DJI Aerial photography

Learn the skills required to capture stunning and unique images by taking part in our Aerial Photography course. Aerial photography has become extremely popular in recent years for photographers in a full range of fields including weddings, travel and news. Aerial photography lets you capture unique angles and images that would never be possible through traditional means of photography. Throughout our Aerial Photography course, you will learn basic drone flying skills:
  • Flight safety
  • Controlling practice
  • Flight operation
  • Basic aerial photography techniques
You will also take part in Industrial Application Training:
  • Basic photography techniques
  • How to plan a flight route
  • Appreciation of aerial footage
  • Aerial photography techniques
This course includes a practical test and theory exam. Students who successfully pass will be awarded a certificate of completion in Aerial Photography.


Our DJI UTC Inspection course will give you the tools to perform advanced inspections in various industries and with various drones in the rapidly expanding field of Aerial Inspection using RPA. We'll teach you how to use the various sensors on your aircraft to perform any required task and help you understand the other authorisations you'll need depending on the type of operation you're flying.

The DJI UTC inspection course is delivered partially online and partially face-to-face in Sydney. Once completed, you will receive an industry recognised DJI certification in Aerial Inspection.