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CASA EVLOS 1/2 Application - ReOC Holders $2500
ReOC Comprehensive CASA EVLOS 1 and 2  Application for ReOC Holders. End to End expert integration of EVLOS 1 and 2 operational procedures into a new or existing ReOC and submission to CASA.

As a ReOC holder, you are limited by the authorisations and approvals you have on your ReOC. Extended Visual Line of Sight ( EVLOS ) allows you to offer significantly advanced operations. 

CASA have options for two types of EVLOS flight. EVLOS1 where the observer is located with the Pilot and EVLOS2, where the observer is located away from the Pilot and in constant radio contact allowing flight up to 80% of the aircraft published telemetry range.

Such applications are complex. Here at the Ripper Academy, we have the internal skill and resource and have comprehensively built everything you need to submit a successful application to CASA to include EVLOS flight on your ReOC. You will receive a  personal end-to-end service with all manuals and libraries written for you, all checklists and associated items contextualised and written into your existing Ops manuals and Libraries.

Our service is the best in Australia. It is thorough and tested. It is the most detailed, accurate and thorough application for EVLOS available in Australia and demonstrates to CASA that your organisation does things properly.

Although our service is written to include EVLOS2 where your Pilot requires their Instrument Rating Exam ( IREX ), if you don't have that resource available immediately, we can apply for EVLOS1 and add that later. If you need IREX training, we also offer IREX in-house.

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