* CASA RePL Sub-7KG Remote Pilot Licence - B | $1599


Online theory content at your own pace including minimum 5 hours practical flight. Includes CASA Remote Pilots License, Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate, all fees, and RAPPP Membership.

* CASA RePL Sub-7KG Remote Pilot Licence - C | $1399


Online theory content at your own pace including minimum 5 hours practical flight. Same as our RePL B but without the Radio Operators Certificate. Includes CASA Remote Pilots License, all fees and RAPPP Membership.

* RePL 25KG and Night Combo Upgrade Course $1249


Run in conjunction with our RePL courses, this popular Combo giving you an unrestricted 25KG Multi Rotor RePL with Night Approval instrument for ReOC holders. Extend your operational types into this category day and night.

* RePL Flight Crew Transition Course - $1149


Gain your RePL without a CASA theory examination. This course covers the knowledge gaps between manned and unmanned aviation plus all practical flight competencies and checks. 

* RePL Medium Category Multi Rotor training and Type Rating


Choose to train on the Medium Category system of your choice to standard in preparation for your type rating flight test or choose type rating only on AGRAS T30, T40, Callisto 50 or Freefly Alta-X.

* RePL Unrestricted 25KG Upgrade - $799


Upgrade your 7KG RePL weight restriction to 25KG allowing use of much larger and more versatile RPA. Consider our 25KG Night upgrade to further enhance your value.

CASA RePL Sub 25KG Powered Lift Upgrade $2249


Upgrade your Multi-Rotor category RePL to Powered Lift Category, sub 25KG. Choose from multiple aircraft based on your need and extend to EVLOS and BVLOS flight.

Survey Ops and Mapping - Advanced Flight $1249


AF This course teaches you about survey and mapping techniques with RPA. You'll complete the course theory and practical elements and receive a certificate of attainment in RPA Survey Operation and Mapping.

Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate ( Online ) $399


Complete your CASA Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate 100% online. With engaging theory delivery and exclusive practical exercises, plus knowledge checks, this course gets you ready for your online AROC theory exam.
Advanced Courses

CASA EVLOS 1 and 2 Pilot / Observer Course $2249


Advanced Courses
Extended Visual Line of Sight Operations into EVLOS 1 and 2. Extend your commercial range with our expert lead EVLOS 1 and 2 Course. Learn the rules, regulations and pathway to BVLOS flight.

CASA EVLOS 1/2 Application - ReOC Holders $2500


ReOC Comprehensive CASA EVLOS 1 and 2  Application for ReOC Holders. End to End expert integration of EVLOS 1 and 2 operational procedures into a new or existing ReOC and submission to CASA.

CASA Rapid ReOC ( Remote Operators Certificate ) $3199


RReoC Reduce the potential 3-6 month wait and receive your ReOC in the minimum amount of time. Written by CASA delegates that will get your documents right the first time. Comprehensive delivery with exclusive online briefing.

Complete Agricultural Pilot Training Package


AgComprehensive Ag delivery custom built for each client. Our Ag course delivers your remote Pilots License ( RePL ) 25KG and Night plus on-type training and certification with the DJI AGRAS T-series plus special drone bundle pricing.

Complete Commercial Remote Pilot Package - $5299


Created for the professional commercial pilot looking to start a business in unmanned aviation. This course covers everything to set you up as an operation RPAS business capable of delivering commercial services in unmanned aviation.

Sub 2KG Flying Start Online $59


Completely online, this course involves a 1 hour engaging briefing that looks at the rules, regulations and theory elements of RPAS Flight. Unsure if a job in the industry is for you? This is a great course to help - and a great gift!


I really enjoyed the RePL B course. I think it was an important milestone in my life. The tutoring videos are very helpful, easy to understand and they are on very high professional level.

All those people who completed the RePL courses with your company are lucky.

Ferenc Marek RePL B January 30, 2023

My experience with Rob today was fantastic! His clear instruction, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge was a highlight. Robs organisation and method of delivery was highly professional in every way.

His capacity to impart knowledge through experience while giving me confidence in my ability to demonstrate the required tasks, capped off a great day.

Mark Brombal RePL 25KG Sydney January 17, 2023

The Chief Instructor Darren was very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable and it was a pleasure to be mentored through the whole of the theory videos and assessment by such a great teacher and instructor who also has a great sense of humour.

The other trainers Sonya and Heather were also very helpful and it was a pleasure to have them watching , instructing and assessing our flying skills when the weather actually permitted us the opportunity to take flight.

This will be a life changing event for myself and with the ReOC unit now underway it will hopefully open the door to start my way in the ever expanding world of multi-rotor opportunities.

I would also like to thank and mention that Nigel was my first contact with the Ripper Academy and was always prompt to reply to messages and calls and was very helpful.

I would Highly recommend the Ripper Academy to anyone with an interest in becoming certified as a pilot and feel honoured to be part of the Ripper team of students.

Many thanks again to all those involved with the course.

Michael Page RePL Adelaide November 14, 2022

I've just completed the RePL B course in Townsville on 8-10 Nov. It was great!

Regarding the online content, the site is well presented and easy to navigate. The lessons are thorough and easy to follow (or pause while frantically typing notes because I had so much to learn!) Darren is a great instructor and I enjoyed how he weaved humour and personal stories into the lessons. Sometimes it was hard to distinguish what I needed to memorise and what he was just saying for fun, but this was outweighed by how engaging he was as a presenter, so I wouldn't change a thing. The content was thorough and well explained so I felt well prepared for the theory exam.

Mel Bracs RePL Townsville November 14, 2022

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved on my Drone training/ program.

I can't remember all names but the friendly staff such as Darren, Michael were keen to the development of my skills and also the dinamic of the course.

Fabio Fontes RePL 25KG and Night Sydney November 5, 2022

Thank you for the information and the presentation for the RPA course, it was a great watch, and I learnt a lot. Your videos made studying for the exam very easy.

Onto the practical side, Robert was fantastic. He was passionate about flying but really hammered home the risks and responsibilities of the RPA and pilot respectively. His teaching technique was great, and I felt relaxed and confident by the end of the practice. I really enjoyed how much he nerded out about his flying experience and greatly appreciated the times when he made mistakes but learnt a lesson from it. I feel very comfortable flying an RPA after his tutelage.

To anyone interested in a RPA course, I will definitely be recommending Ripper Academy and Robert as the instructor.

Lachlan Gadd RePL 25KG and Night, Sydney November 3, 2022

I have been signed up to attend the REPL Sub 7kg Remote Pilot License B, REPL NVLOS Night Endorsement and Rapid REOC through my workplace at the Burdekin Shire Council and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the courses so far. Your videos you have made are awesome and I feel very confident with the knowledge you have provided. I am about halfway through the REPL course now and enjoying every minute of it.

Mark MacDonald RePL 7KG, Townsville October 28, 2022

I started my training having never flown a drone. Through excellent instructions and a hands-on approach, I quickly built my flying skills and confidence. Thank you, Rob Brus, for bringing a wealth of knowledge and awesome teaching skills to our lessons. I particularly enjoyed using the thermal imaging camera on the night flight – it was wicked fun!

Hugh Jones RePL 25KG October 17, 2022

The capacity of the instructor training is a gift. We need more people like Nic and Rob. They did a super awesome great job. “THANK YOU RIPPER ACADEMY.” Some say that there is always room for improvement. For me, I was happy that they can touch base more on the things I was lack with. WOW! AWESOME INSTRUCTORS. Thank you RIPPER.

Navi Artfield Sydney RePL 7KG and 25KG August 20, 2022

The course was fantastic ( Michael Povey ). Your teaching methods and knowledge made it all the more enjoyable, Learnt a wealth of experience.

Ted Fletcher June 14, 2022

Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

Support from Michael was exceptional - always felt as though I was in safe hands.

Linda Clements platinumhd.tv RePL Course April 27, 2022

I signed up for the RePL "Flight Crew Transition Course" and the "Night Upgrade". I found the training to be nothing short of first class. Both Mark and Nick were highly professional and shared their many years of experience with our group which helped answer the dozens of questions we all had. I enjoyed learning on the smaller machines however the real fun started with the bigger ones. If you're thinking about getting this qualification I highly recommend the Ripper Academy. You won't be disappointed.

Robert Brus Flight Crew Transition and Night Training, Sydney March 21, 2022

Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the opportunity to complete my RePL licence last Friday, 18th March. And to thank the weather gods for fine weather on Friday !

Also wanted to especially thank Mark and Nic who provided me with excellent flying instruction that allowed me to pass a very thorough and demanding Flight Test.

Malcolm Pooley RePL 7KG 25KG and Night - Sydney March 21, 2022

With drone filming tasking becoming more complex, we’d reached the limits of the CASA sub 2KG OPs 101-10.

Clients want and need reassurance that their supplier is competent and qualified.

Ripper training took me as the Principle of my business through REPL, Night Ops, 25KG rating, my radio certificate and ultimately the ReOC Certificate.

My experience with Ripper was seamless and time efficient.

We are planning Ops that we couldn’t contemplate before, One 500 metres from the Runway at Avalon!

Could not be happier with the process and outcome.

Thank you Darren and the back office team at Ripper!!

Tim Maloney Managing Director RePL 25KG Melbourne March 17, 2022

The Sub 2KG was a really enjoyable course, I feel confident to now fly the drone and create some amazing content!

M Anderson November 3, 2021

"Thanks again for patiently helping me out Darren; you’re a great instructor ( and I know as I've been through few CFI's ) with a very English sense of humour! - 10 out of 10"

Michael Mangano RePL Sub 7KG Course September 15, 2021

Thanks again for all your help and support through this course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The zoom classes were really good and easy to follow along, plus being able to access them after for revision was great. The practical days were Awesome plenty of learning and great teacher knowledge and experience to be passed on to us the students.

Damien Andrew Gold Coast August 3, 2021

Huge thanks to the Ripper Academy team and particularly Darren. There is a lot of work involved with achieving the RePL but Darren and his team have supported me to ensure I had a complete understanding of the material being covered. Sincere thanks.

Kevin Rolfe Gold Coast / Bribie Island August 3, 2021

Recently completing my RePL through The Ripper Corp I was slightly apprehensive, however the instructional style and the way information was conducted allayed any issues as Darren was a very knowledgeable and professional instructor. The course was a pleasure to undertake and The Ripper Corp is highly recommended.

Peter Ireland Gold Coast August 3, 2021

Great access to learning material via Zoom and Website portal, Engaging and thorough presentations from Darren, excellent practical flying setup and practice.

Graeme Orr Gold Coast August 3, 2021

Thank you for providing your students with fabulous learning. The course content is interesting, easy to understand and very well delivered. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable and now the sky's the limit.

Robert Watson Gold Coast August 3, 2021

Just to you ( Darren ) and the boys for the training - Courses were run really well, communication was excellent and couldn’t have asked for a more knowledge filled practical! Thanks mate!

Ben Campbell August 3, 2021

Our instructor – Darren – was exceptional with his knowledge and how the on line training sessions were facilitated. Any questions raised outside of the sessions were promptly and clearly responded to. This ensured we were well prepared for the theory and practicall examinations. Ripper are highly recommended to anyone contemplating formal training in RPAS

Darren Woodward Gold Coast August 3, 2021

Excellent place to do drone training. The gents at The Ripper Aviation Academy are the real deal, have plenty of available practice drones on course so your never standing around waiting. Mike the Chief pilot has a wealth of experience and knowledge after a lifetime of experience in the aviation industry. If your looking at doing the course, look no further as you'd be cheating yourself going anywhere else.

Damien King July 10, 2020

Outstanding training, concise, professional, dedicated , and a course delivered with such a high level of professionalism, every day was a pleasure to log in and sit for my training. The academy's use of technology enabling me to join the course from the remote far south coast town of Eden NSW, also meant I could get on my way towards obtaining my ReOC much sooner than would have normally been possible.

Phillip Small July 10, 2020

Great group of guys, very knowledgeable and helpful. Friendly and approachable with a wealth of professional industry skills and experience

Aaron Parker July 10, 2020

Highly recommend training and getting certified with the Ripper Aviation Academy. Mike, Ben and the team are highly knowledgeable and make it fun to learn. The team aren't just drone pilots they have been in aviation essentially all their lives. They know aviation and they know drones. Can't wait for the next course!

Kyle Simpson July 10, 2020

Training with the Ripper Academy was great, there was heaps of information to learn but it was taught clearly. The teachers know their stuff. Can't wait to do more training in the future.

Zephyrin Grilli June 10, 2020

Getting all of my licenses through The Ripper Group was an awesome experience. The team was professional, fun and taught me everything I wanted to learn and more! I am now very confident flying a variety of drones. I have been flying everyday since the guys at The Ripper Group taught me.

Crafword Elias May 10, 2020

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