Whether you’ve just bought a new drone and want to get a handle on the basics, or wish to take your drone journey to the next level, there’s a Ripper Academy course to suit you. 

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RPA (Drone) Certificate courses


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Have the operational experts guide you through your training requirements.

Unlike other drone training organisations, The Ripper Aviation Academy bases our training standards and protocols on our thousands of hours of operational field experience across a broad range of industry sectors, in conjunction with our instructors decorated history in the manned aviation space. This experience sets us apart from other providers, enabling us to transfer our extensive knowledge to you, supporting you with the right information and in the right direction on your journey. 

To operate a drone, RPA, or UAV within Australia for commercial purposes, you must obtain the required Certifications and skillsets. As a CASA certified training provider, the Ripper Aviation Academy will work with you to surpass CASA expectations of knowledge and practical ability, before submitting all paperwork to CASA on your behalf to have you issued with your Pilot license.

The Ripper Aviation Academy is also the only authorised and recognised training provider for the DJI UTC community. This will take your knowledge further, learning the intricacies of DJI AUV’s, the global leader in UAV commercial technology.

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

CASA's Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), the essential starting point for your drone career

 Face-to-Face delivery.

Rapid ReOC Certification Approval

ELIMINATE your potential 3-6 month wait with CASA Application processes. Receive your Company ReOC in the minimum amount of time, written by CASA delegates that will get your documents right the first time.

Sub-25kg Multi-Rotor + Night Training

The essential upgrade for pilots wanting the competitive edge and certification to operator all drones up to <25kg.


CASA's Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), the essential starting point for your drone career  

Own pace + 2 days Face-to-Face.


The Ripper Aviation Academy draws on this to deliver RPAS category endorsements and industry specific training in fields such as asset inspection and agriculture.


Sub 2-kg RPAS training for individuals and businesses wanting to get their drone (and capability) airborne! A 2-day training package that will set you up for success!

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Excellent place to do drone training. The gents at The Ripper Aviation Academy are the real deal, have plenty of available practice drones on course so your never standing around waiting. Mike the Chief pilot has a wealth of experience and knowledge after a lifetime of experience in the aviation industry. If your looking at doing the course, look no further as you'd be cheating yourself going anywhere else.

Damien King July 10, 2020

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