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Complete Commercial Remote Pilot Package - $5299
Created for the professional commercial pilot looking to start a business in unmanned aviation. This course covers everything to set you up as an operation RPAS business capable of delivering commercial services in unmanned aviation.

This course encapsulates, and delivers an end-to-end, engaging and comprehensive experience for anyone who is seriously committed to a career in unmanned aviation. We give you the ultimate package that includes everything you need. Not just from a qualification perspective - with this level of qualification and investment, you want it to take you places - and we're with you all the way not just now but in future.

With the Ripper Aviation Academy, that's exactly what we give you the tools to do. You'll train with us and obtain every qualification and endorsement for visual and night flight in the sub 25KG multi-rotor 'small included ' RPA category for commercial operations. We deliver this in one complete package. 

Training includes comprehensive up-to-date materials, video presentations, live webinars, access to instructors on demand, comprehensive documentation updated daily - and that access remains. As we update our materials, as a professional pilot, you'll have lifetime access to them. We do the admin and supply you with the latest legislative CASA and the relevant materials, you run your business. How good is that.

Our course is designed from the ground up and for those who have zero experience at all through those who already fly. So, it really doesn't matter who you are, where you are or what you intend to do, we'll train you and motivate you. You'll be engaged in our learning, you'll be amazed at how responsive and contactable - and 'real' we are. We love what we do and you'll see that very quickly.

Once enrolled you'll have access to all of your resources for your package. Start with your RePL theory delivered in 8 engaging units either online or face to face depending on your preference and learning dynamic. After each online unit, there are knowledge checks for you to do - pass those and you're ready to take your theory exam. Your AROC theory and exam can be completed online at the same time or afterwards - whatever works for you. We'll help the whole way. Once your theory is complete and you feel ready to take the theory exam, we'll work that out with you at a convenient location on our next scheduled assessment venues around the country. 

Within your learning portal you'll have access to all materials you need for all components of your course including RePL units, 25KG and Night presentations plus comprehensive ReOC documentation. The 25KG and Night are a simple and easy presentation to watch but give you some great information. As with the RePL, they'll get you ready for your 25KG and Night endorsements we'll generally do with you when we see you for your practical flight test with your RePL.

During this time, we'll be working with you to complete your CASA ReOC application and guide you right the way through to submission with our in-house CASA experts in conjunction with our CASA delegate to complete your course and issue your RePL, AROC, 25KG and Night endorsements and ReOC.

As soon as you've complete your course, we don't leave you there. With the experience we have operationally in the commercial world of unmanned aviation, we'll be your ongoing mentor. We'll guide, help and advise with no limit to any part of that. We're as committed as you are and can give you the support no one else can. Exclusively at the Ripper Aviation Academy, we give you lifetime access to our Ripper Academy Professional Pilots Program ( RAPP ). The ultimate resource you'll ever need for your ongoing operations that gives you actual useful operational resources for the work you'll do in unmanned aviation and not useless 'freebies' you'll never use. Your RAPPP resource is dynamic and frequently updated program - documents, procedures, law and all of your course resources including training presentations as they evolve into the future - all available for anytime access on your computer, phone or tablet wherever you are and whenever you need it.

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