Sub-25kg Multi-Rotor +
Night Training

Sub-25kg Multi-Rotor + Night Training

Delivery: Face-to-face (Theory & Practical)

Duration: 1 day

This 1 day face-to-face CASA approved course includes elements of both practical and theory-based training. The course has been specifically designed for RePL holders to gain experience and certification to fly larger drones of up to 25kgs. On the day of the course, students will receive all the training materials required and be provided with a Completion Certificate and CASA certification at the end of the session.

This course certifies operators in the Sub-25kg Multi-Rotor category. Aircraft within this weight class are highly capable, allowing pilots to deliver more for their customers. The course also covers fundamental night operations including the use of thermal imaging cameras.

We recommend this course to those who are seeking further operating types in addition to their existing RePL qualifications. View our RePL course if you have not already completed this stage.

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Excellent place to do drone training. The gents at The Ripper Aviation Academy are the real deal, have plenty of available practice drones on course so your never standing around waiting. Mike the Chief pilot has a wealth of experience and knowledge after a lifetime of experience in the aviation industry. If your looking at doing the course, look no further as you'd be cheating yourself going anywhere else.

Damien King July 10, 2020

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