Drone Strategy

Drone Strategy

Drone Strategy A successful drone (RPAS, UAV) strategy is much more than just buying drones and flying. Perhaps you already have a drone fleet in your business and have found it difficult to integrate this new tool successfully into your operational systems. This means that you are not achieving the optimum results to enhance performance and enable high quality data capture and recording. Maybe you’re just starting to look at drones and have realised that it’s a whole new technology which the company needs to be researched, formulated and managed. There are significant benefits for integrating drone into business operations, however the pitfalls are many and program development and integration can be complex, time consuming and comes with a unique set of risks.

Key Drone Strategy Considerations:

  • Who will run the program?
  • Is there an expert who will champion the project?
  • Who will be the Chief Remote Pilot (CRP)?
  • Who will support the CRP in their absence or departure?
  • Where will you keep the data?
  • Who/how will you process the data?
  • How long will you keep the data?
  • What UAV platforms will you use? - Who will maintain the drones?
  • Who will run the Specialised training Program which will be required?
  • How will you identify, asses, implement and train for new UAV technology?
  • How will you manage the constantly changing regulatory requirements?
  • How will you record Flight Operations, Pilots and Incidents?

The benefits for drones are many. Here’s some of the most common.

Key Drone Strategy Implementation Benefits:

  • Reduce Risk - Increased data integrity
  • Improved data capture repeatability
  • Mitigate drone program failure
  • Reduce Time
  • Save Money

Discovery Workshop

The Ripper Aviation Academy (TRAA) Drone Strategy Discovery Workshops are an excellent strategic tool in which key team members from each party develop a strategic plan to implement the capability building phase. It is recommended that client representatives have a maximum of 8 attendees, which typically run approximately 4 hours.

The workshops consist of the following phases:

  • Discovery – This dynamic workshop involves Information sharing from both sides to establish a knowledge, experience, capabilities, regulatory requirements, technical possibilities and limitations, common implementation failures to avoid, and formulate and agree on starting point, direction and timeline.
  • Formulation – Learnings from the Discovery Workshop will be analysed and collated to establish key project stakeholders, technical requirements and site operational locations.
  • Initiation – Once formulation has been established, the project will commence with key site parameters being set, with milestones and timelines confirmed to kick-off the project.

Integrating Drone Strategy into your organisation can enhance growth outcomes and reduce risk through speed of deployment, reach and scale of coverage, high-resolution recording and big-data capture capability.

We will work with you to clarify your drone business plans and optimise performance outcomes, train staff and procure UAV equipment, educate stakeholders and develop pilot programs to test assumptions and refine processes. All of this, while working under the expert guidance of aviation and RPAS industry leaders with thousands of hours of operational experience.

TRAA has worked together with its parent company The Ripper Group to develop and deliver successful RPAS/Drone strategies for the following organisations:

  • Surf Life Saving NSW
  • Surf Life Saving QLD
  • Telstra
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries, shark management program
  • The Southport School, Brisbane
  • ETC, Port Macquarie
  • Indigenous Ranger Program
  • Nexba Sponsorships
  • Northen Beaches Council
  • Bilgola Beach SLSC

Contact us for more information about your Drone Strategy.


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