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RePL Multi Rotor 25KG Night Special - $2200
Unrestricted Remote Pilots License with Night Competency - Multi Rotor Class 25KG with Radio Operators Certificate (AROC), bundled together. This course prepares you to operate commercially in the exciting world of unmanned aviation 24/7.

Our special RePL 25KG bundle is ready to launch you into the world of Commercial Drone operations in the sub 25KG Multi-Rotor category and also includes your CASA Aeronautical Radio Operator's Certificate ( AROC ).

This bundle is a great way for you to study the theory units at your own pace ahead of booking your practical assessments ( included ) when you feel ready. The course is presented in engaging briefings throughout, with super-helpful knowledge checks as you progress getting you ready for the CASA theory exam you'll sit first when we see you at venues around the country.

Our RePL 25KG course unlocks the full potential of your Remote Pilot's License with world class training delivery preparing you for work in the industry with lots of help, guidance and mentoring along the way. The theory element of the course is delivered over 9 units for RePL, then a further 1 unit for 25KG upgrade and finally another unit for your Aeronautical Radio Operators' Certificate. 

This bundle also has a Night competency component that will teach you how to safely fly at night under a ReOC using one of our RPA usually with FLIR. This component is a great addition if you'd like to get involved in night work such as Koala or wildlife monitoring.

Once you've completed all of the online training, which generally takes about 15 hours at your own pace, ( with each unit taking about an hour ), keep an eye on the website for a practical location where we'll book you in, cover theory and practical flight over 3 days at multiple locations around the country.

Completing online training at your own pace, in this special bundle, hopefully gives you much more time to relax and achieve something amazing. And yes, our Chief Pilot, and Commercial Pilot, Darren Froggatt, does deliver all of the briefings but don't panic.. we're told, he is slightly humorous from time to time making our RePL delivery even more 'engaging'! You be the judge on that one!

You can enrol right now and start your course literally immediately. You'll have our full support whenever you need it for any questions you may have. We really look forward to seeing you on this amazing course at this amazing price.

What you're getting :
CASA Remote Pilots License 7KG ( Multi Rotor  )
CASA Remote PIlot's License unrestricted upgrade 25KG ( Multi Rotor  )
​Night Visual Line of Sight NVLOS Training with Thermal where available.
Aeronautical Radio Operators' Certificate ( AROC )
All CASA fees and GST included.
Complimentary lifetime access to the latest resources, presentations and Ripper Academy Professional Pilots Program membership.

Sign up now. Offer valid until April 1st. We reserve the right to discontinue this promotion at any time prior. Please note fees and charges do apply for late cancellations or reschedules of booked workshop practical dates. Call anytime to discuss.

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