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CASA EVLOS2 Pilot / Observer Course $2150
Extended Visual Line of Sight Operations into EVLOS2. Extend your commercial range with our expert lead EVLOS2 Course. Learn the rules, regulations and experience flight beyond pilot visual line of sight with remote observer locations.

* Note : Recent MOS changes in April 2023 now allow for any EVLOS 2 rated pilot who has completed a CASA approved training course such as this, to fly EVLOS 2 Outside Controlled Airspace ( OCTA ) removing the requirement for IREX. This is great news as the amendment now allows ALL pilots to access EVLOS 2 flight  This course delivers all you need to add EVLOS 2 operations to your ReOC *

An exciting course that takes your flying to the next level. Any pilot currently holding an RePL can access our Extended Visual Line of Sight ( EVLOS ) courses. In EVLOS 2, we are flying beyond visual line of sight ( BVLOS ) with remotely located observers along your flight path to ensure visual sight of your aircraft is maintained by those observers.

The Ripper Aviation Academy are the ONLY training organisation currently in Australia to have a comprehensive EVLOS 1 and 2 training syllabus delivered in our unique, highly experienced and expert lead delivery modes, but also have the operational and procedures libraries written ready for you to incorporate into your ReOC. There simply is no comparison anywhere to our delivery and foundation in EVLOS 1, EVLOS 2 training with us being able to deliver and end to end solution no one else can from EVLOS training, certification, approvals, ReOC variations to include EVLOS and IREX training - all in-house.

When flying beyond your own line of sight, your observers will take that role from you in constant communication giving you exact feedback on your aircraft surroundings by radio as your fight progresses. You continue to fly your aircraft using your App, FPV or GCS whilst your observers maintain the 'visual' element of your flight.

In EVLOS 2 scenarios, to operate as a Pilot, you are required to hold the CASA Instrument Rating Exam also available with us at the Ripper Academy as an optional part of your package.

In our course, you'll learn about all the rules and regulations for EVLOS flight and how to apply them practically. We'll fly using FPV, spotting scopes or other visual aids to help you experience both sides of the operation, both as an EVLOS 2 observer and Pilot. You'll complete the course and leave with approval certification for you as a pilot to fly EVLOS 2 scenarios. You will then be able to apply for approval on your ( or your employers ) ReOC for EVLOS 2 approval and operations. Not only that, but if you are the CRP, we can assist you in your EVLOS 2 submission to CASA as we have the most comprehensive EVLOS procedures already written in-house to enable you to aim for a faultless submission for approval on ReOC with CASA - saving you time and money and getting you operational in the shortest time possible.

These courses are run based on demand initially and can be booked privately. Please contact us on 1300 467477 to register your interest. Courses can be delivered nationwide.

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