Survey Ops and Mapping - Advanced Flight $1249
AF This course teaches you about survey and mapping techniques with RPA. You'll complete the course theory and practical elements and receive a certificate of attainment in RPA Survey Operation and Mapping.
About the course

This Course.
Learn from our advanced flight instructors who operate commercially in real world operations from Visual light mapping to RADAR and LiDAR imaging, Thermal / FLIR Ops, through Agri surveys, mapping, crop control, inspections - buildings and wildlife. You name it, a suitably qualified Pilot can perform the task. This course delivers at the leading edge of the unmanned industry giving you the skills you need with either our advanced RPA or your own. Targeting niche, specialised markets in this area with technology advancing so quickly is where the most profitable RPA work is found - especially for larger organisations and government bodies whose demand for pilots able to perform this level of work is outstripping supply. 

A one day course with one of our senior instructors involved in the industry commercially, we'll show you how to safely map terrain or objects using DroneDeploy, DJI Pilot, Lytchi, GSPro and others and interpret that data.

Why the Ripper Aviation Academy?
The Ripper Aviation Academy is Australia's longest established unmanned aviation training company. Our staff are a combination of highly experienced, expert unmanned pilots and instructors, and pilots who fly in commercial and general 'manned' aviation. This vast experience across the board gives us the ability to proudly deliver the very best, real world advice and training available in Australia today. With our commercial operations extending far beyond training, we have the personal knowledge, and contacts to help you succeed in your area of chosen expertise.

The Ripper Aviation Academy is the training division of the Ripper Corporation delivering class-leading, innovation and expert, bespoke hardware and software solutions to business and industry in the unmanned aircraft and technology space.

By choosing to train with us, you want the very best without compromise. Not just now, but in the future, with ongoing support always available to you anytime here at the Ripper Aviation Academy.

Our instructors have real-world commercial experience in most modern mapping and survey packages and can tailor this course to meet you or your organisational needs. We have the knowledge and certification across the board in survey, powerline, chemical application, EPA approvals to name but a few. We are also able to help you attain whatever qualification you need with deep in-house practical knowledge and experience in the highly desirable agricultural space.

Exclusive Inclusions :  Ripper Academy Professional Pilots Program ( RAPPP )
All students on this course will be enrolled in our Professional Pilots Program. This program consists of online 24/7 access to the latest CASA and other relevant documentation for unmanned flight, including the latest AC101, AIP, ERSA, VFRG, VTC/VNC's and various other documents and resources that are kept up to date continually. You'll also have access to your training resources including the latest training videos of the relevant CASA units to your course, keeping you completely up to date with the latest developments and changes in procedure and RPAS law as they happen. You'll also have access to various additional training videos and scenarios as we publish them giving you an exclusive insight into the industry and real-world operations.

Contact us any time to discuss your needs and experience around advanced flight, and we'll shape our delivery accordingly. 

Target Audience
This course is targeted predominantly at existing RePL holders in the included category, but equally to any pilot in the Sub 2KG excluded category who wants to secure commercial work in mapping but does not yet have, or wants to have a full RePL.
Learning Outcomes
  • Certificate of Attainment from the Ripper Aviation Academy in Advanced Flight Ops ( Mapping )
Learning Methods
Program Benefits
  • Map and survey an area using common industry Apps
  • Practical Flight and mapping tasks
  • Pitch for more complex niche jobs
  • Understand and interpolate mapping data
  • One day practical and theory flight operations.
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Survey Ops and Mapping - Advanced Flight $1249
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