* RePL Flight Crew Transition Course - $1149

As an existing Flight Crew license holder, you're able to gain your RePL without a CASA theory examination. This course covers the knowledge gaps between manned and unmanned aviation plus all practical flight competencies and checks.
About the course

This Course.
Our RePL for Flight Crew transition course ( Practical flight test ), delivers the practical flight  components of the RePL course to those who hold a Flight Crew, ATC, Civilian or Military License but also addresses the knowledge gaps in theory with our highly contextualised delivery of those components in an engaging and 'flight crew' delivery.

Options include upgrading to the full unrestricted 25KG license and Night Visual ( NVLOS ) Operations. At the end of the practical flight sessions, you will receive your RePL ( 25KG ) 7KG restricted or full 25KG Night if you decide to add both. ( Ask us about that as we can often complete those upgrades on the same day ).

Why the Ripper Aviation Academy? 
The Ripper Aviation Academy is Australia's longest established unmanned aviation training company. Our staff are a combination of highly experienced, expert unmanned pilots and instructors, and pilots who fly in commercial and general 'manned' aviation. This vast experience across the board gives us the ability to proudly deliver the very best, real world advice and training available in Australia today. With our commercial operations extending far beyond training, we have the personal, knowledge and contacts to help you succeed in your area of chosen expertise.

The Ripper Aviation Academy is the training division of the Ripper Corporation delivering class-leading, innovation and expert, bespoke hardware and software solutions to business and industry in the unmanned aircraft space.

By choosing to train with us, you want the very best without compromise. Not just now, but in the future, with ongoing support always available to you anytime here at the Ripper Aviation Academy.

Target Audience
Flight Crew - Civilian or Military and ATC.
Learning Outcomes
  • CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
Learning Methods
Face to Face and Online.
Program Benefits
  • 5 hours practical flight of RPA
  • Learn complex flight tasks
  • Simulated emergencies, actions and procedures
  • Fly without GPS to understand effects of wind on RPA
  • Tailored flight tasks based on your needs
  • Practical Flying
  • Advanced and Emergency Procedures
  • Understanding the DJI App
  • Automated Flight
If you’d like more information about this course or workshop, click 'Enquire Now'. One of our instructors will get back to you to discuss your questions. Or, hit the Chat Link on the bottom right of your screen to speak to us anytime. Payment plans may be available for this course - just ask! Upcoming Courses
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