* CASA RePL Sub 25KG Powered Lift Upgrade $2249

Upgrade your Multi-Rotor category RePL to Powered Lift Category, sub 25KG. No experience required, gain your RePL and optional Radio Operator's Certificate and Liquid Fuel in this exciting category of VTOL flight.
About the course

Whether you hold and existing RePL or not, this course offers both options - upgrade your existing 7KG Powered Lift RePL to 25KG or if you have no Powered Lift on your RePL, this course can upgrade you to 25KG. If you do not hold an RePL, we can take you from no experience, through your RePL 25KG Multi Rotor Class, then upgrade to Powered Lift 25KG all in one course.

This course allows you to start immediately. Once we've worked out what you need to do based on your existing license, we can then look at practical dates which we run in several locations in NSW and QLD currently but soon extending to SA and VIC. Contact us for the latest details.

For initial issue RePL, you'll study the full RePL Course units consisting of 9 individual units plus the Powered Lift unit totally 10 theory components. You can choose to study partially online with all units available in your learner portal immediately after enrolment, or you can choose a complete face-to-face delivery method. 

This course gives you all resources and content within your portal for you to study at your own pace before you come to see us over 3 days to complete theory training and assessment, then onto practical flying.

If you are new to unmanned aviation, you'll fly at least 5 hours on our aircraft or until we feel you're competent. If you ahve existing flight hours in Powered Lift, you may not need to fly quite as much. We'll start with sub 7KG aircraft then move up to 25KG category VTOL Aircraft. Not only with you learn how to fly these aircraft, you'll learn all about planning with various planning tools, executing those missions, risk, safety, deconflicting and problem solving in real time.

In addition to the Powered Lift content of this course, we cover the CASA Aeronautical Radio Operator's Certificate for those who don't have it. This component is delivered 100% online in an engaging presentation followed by an online theory exam you must pass. There's a practical 'exercise' to help you understand radio calls and a radio call to be recorded by you sent to your instructor. Once completed, your application will be finalised and sent to CASA for processing.

When you leave this course, you will have attained your RePL Powered Lift category sub 25KG ( your license will usually be issued same day ) opening up a vast world of highly versatile long-distance and long-endurance flight. You'll also be enrolled into our Ripper Academy Professional Pilots Program which will give you perpetual access to the latest course and aviation resources whenever you need them directly within your portal plus ongoing access to our instructors and mentors as and when you need them.

Exclusive Inclusions : Ripper Academy Professional Pilots Program/ Ripper Alliance All students on this course will be enrolled in our Professional Pilots Program. This program consists of online 24/7 access to the latest CASA and other relevant documentation for unmanned flight, including the latest AC101, AIP, ERSA, VFRG, VTC/VNC's and various other documents and resources that are kept up to date continually. You'll also have access to your training resources including the latest training videos of the relevant CASA units to your course, keeping you completely up to date with the latest developments and changes in procedure and RPAS law as they happen. You'll also have access to various additional training videos and scenarios as we publish them giving you an exclusive insight into the industry and real-world operations.

Why the Ripper Aviation Academy? The Ripper Aviation Academy is Australia's longest established unmanned aviation training company. Our staff are a combination of highly experienced, expert unmanned pilots and instructors, and pilots who fly in commercial and general 'manned' aviation. This vast experience across the board gives us the ability to proudly deliver the very best, real world advice and training available in Australia today. With our commercial operations extending far beyond training, we have the personal, knowledge and contacts to help you succeed in your area of chosen expertise. The Ripper Aviation Academy is the training division of the Ripper Corporation delivering class-leading, innovation and expert, bespoke hardware and software solutions to business and industry in the unmanned aircraft space. By choosing to train with us, you want the very best without compromise. Not just now, but in the future, with ongoing support always available to you anytime here at the Ripper Aviation Academy.


Target Audience
Professional pilots wanting to extend their flight operations into long range, long endurance flight and advanced flight ops such as inspection, survey and SAR.
Learning Outcomes
  • Powered Lift sub 25Kg endorsement
Learning Methods
Blended learning with always-available instructors. Online, face to face both theory and practical.
Program Benefits
  • Fly Powered Lift VTOL Aircraft up to 25KG
  • Upgrade any RePL to Powered Lift Category
  • Perform long-range survey and SAR operations
  • Extend operations into EVLOS and BVLOS
  • Online / Face to Face
  • Engaging briefings
  • Practical flight and flight test
  • Powered Lift theory exam
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