CASA Instrument Rating Course ( IREX ) $2999
Exclusive face-to-face delivery of a contextualised CASA IREX syllabus over 10-14 days. Not available anywhere else worldwide. Location : Red Rocks NSW - private and group bookings welcome.
About the course

ERC LowIn order to fly in the most exciting areas of unmanned aviation, a CASA Instrument Rating ( exam pass ) is required. This is a manned aviation exam and usually combined with practical flying in manned aviation.

Our course aims to deliver a course that makes sense and is highly contextualised to help those with little to no experience of instrument flight, comprehend and apply their knowledge to a level that will prepare them for a pass in the CASA IREX exam.

Our course is delivered by a highly experienced IREX trained and Commercial Pilot. 

Please note, this course does not guarantee a pass. Passing this level of exam is down to your ability to absorb and understand the syllabus which we have made as understandable as possible in this exclusive delivery not available anywhere else worldwide.RNAC 03 PQQ

The course is held in Red Rocks NSW -  a beautiful coastal town in our own training rooms with private airfield for any practical flight we may do. It is held over 10 days ( 2 weeks ). Air BnB and other accomodation including camping is available for this course by arrangement. 

Our course teaches you everything about instrument flight in manned aviation. How to conduct instrument approaches, how to communicate in IFR, what are GNSS approaches, RNAV's, RNP's, GLS, NDB, ILS approaches. What are STAR's, SID's and how do they apply to unmanned aviation.

Knowing the rules when we switch from Visual Flight to Instrument flight is critical. After all - they're rules. Instrument flight is exciting. It's precise, is highly procedural and knowing how we fit in in unmanned aviation under those rules plays a critical part. At the end of this course, you'll be ready to sit your CASA IREX exam at a venue close to you when you're ready. There are many venues around the country you can choose from when you feel ready. Interested? Call us now on 1300 467-477




Target Audience
Professional pilots in both manned and unmanned aviation. 
Learning Outcomes
  • CASA IREX Exam when passed
  • Add significant value to your Operations
  • Offer services competitors cannot
  • Unlock unlimited progression into an aviation ( manned or otherwise ) field of your choice
Learning Methods
Face to face delivery. Guided Learning.
Program Benefits
  • Obtain your CASA manned aviation Instrument Rating Exam ( IREX )
  • Fly EVLSO 2 and BVLOS Operations day and night
  • Thoroughly understand the rules of Instrument Flight
  • IREX is the hardest part of your manned aviation CIR rating and counts as a pass in that area.
  • Face to face classroom delivery over 2 weeks ( 10 business days )
  • Attendance of CASA ASPEQ venue for IREX assessment
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