March 5, 2020

The Ripper Group and our technology partner UTS

The Ripper Group and our technology partner UTS (University of Technology Sydney) are proud to be made a finalist in the AAUS (Australian Association for Unmanned Systems) in the Innovation category.

Our entry – The Ripper Group and University of Technology Sydney (artificial Intelligence technologies and ultra-low latency live streaming from drones).

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award will go to organisations or individuals that have designed a new product, a new service, a new production or manufacturing process contributing to the advancement of the unmanned systems industry.

The Innovation Champion award will be judged on the inventiveness and relevance of the nominated technology.

A Pre-Condition for nomination is the technology was developed in Australia and has had commercial success or demonstrated market potential.  An Innovation will show ‘Demonstrated Commercial Potential’ if, in the opinion of the judging panel, it has reached a distinct ‘market ready’ threshold and the innovator concerned has developed a sound business plan and can point to unsatisfied market demand for the product or service concerned.

AAUS focuses on facilitating awareness, integration and collaboration between industry, academia, government and defence.

These include industry advocacy, representation, advice, networking opportunities, business promotional opportunities, and discounted insurance.

AAUS serves its membership through every avenue that promotes the adoption and integration of unmanned systems into applications that serve civilian and military needs.

Through collaboration with peripheral industries, supporting industries and within the resources sectors, AAUS facilitates the uptake of unmanned systems technologies into new market sectors. AAUS plays a pivotal role in identifying R&D opportunities for its membership and providing advocacy at both the State and Federal levels of Government.

AAUS takes a leadership role in building the infrastructure necessary to allow the unmanned systems technology to take hold as a viable industry. From working directly with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to create the highest possible standards in regulations to directing the creation of privacy reforms in Australia for unmanned systems, AAUS is influential.

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