RPAS Specialist Training

RPAS Specialist Training

Delivery: Face to face (Theory and practical)
Duration: 2 - 5 Days

Get the edge!

We offer specialist RPAS training in a number of different fields, including but not limited to:

  • Helicopter, multirotor and fixed wing aircraft certification.
  • Mapping and aerial surveying
  • Agriculture
  • Asset inspection
  • Real Estate
  • Aerial photography and imagery editing
  • Search and Rescue (including package deployment)

Contact us today to see how we can meet you specific needs. We're here to help and make it work!


Excellent place to do drone training. The gents at The Ripper Aviation Academy are the real deal, have plenty of available practice drones on course so your never standing around waiting. Mike the Chief pilot has a wealth of experience and knowledge after a lifetime of experience in the aviation industry. If your looking at doing the course, look no further as you'd be cheating yourself going anywhere else.

Damien King July 10, 2020

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