Rapid ReOC Certification


Rapid ReOC Certification

A highly sought after service, offered to individuals and businesses requiring a fast, streamlined approach to obtaining a CASA ReOC. Our service includes document preparation and submission, in addition to a valuable mentoring session with our Head of Flight Operations. We are with you every step of the way!

CASA ReOC, tailored to meet the requirements of your operations.

ReOC issued within 3-weeks (following the successful submission of all documentation) We will prepare your ReOC application which includes an operational manual, flight manual, procedures and any other documents required for submission. Once this process is complete, your application will be submitted to one of our experienced CASA delegates. Prior to your Chief Remote Pilot interview, we will invite you to attend a mentoring session with our Head of Flight Operations to provide guidance and answer any questions.

ReOC Benefits

  • Allows your business to operate as a ‘drone service provider’.
  • Employ other remote pilots to fly under your ReOC.
  • Fly outside the drone safety rules (also known as the standard operating conditions).
  • Be eligible for a range of insurance options.
  • Ability to apply for flight operations in areas that are otherwise restricted.
  • Ability to gain approval to fly at night see our Night Flying Training Package.
  • Ability to apply for a range of operations e.g. BVLOS.

    Note: Additional charges may apply for ReOC applicants wishing to conduct complex operations. Contact us for more information (hyperlink to contact please)


I really enjoyed the RePL B course. I think it was an important milestone in my life. The tutoring videos are very helpful, easy to understand and they are on very high professional level.

All those people who completed the RePL courses with your company are lucky.

Ferenc Marek RePL B January 30, 2023

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