Rapid ReOC Certification Approval

Rapid ReOC Certification Approval

Our consultation team will work closely with you to learn about your business and request the documents required for you to commence your ReOC.

We will prepare the ReOC application which includes an operational manual, flight manual, procedures and any other documents required for submission. Once this process is complete, you may submit your ReOC application to CASA or work with one of our experienced CASA delegates.

ReOC Benefits:

  • Required to fly under regardless of whether you fly under another business or your own business
  • Required if you plan to fly a drone >2kg
  • Allows your business to employ other remote pilots
  • Fly in more locations because various restricted areas are opened up
  • Helps you gain insurance which improves chances of being hired
  • Operate closer than 30m but no closer than 15m to a person
  • Ability to gain approval to fly at night
  • Ability to get approval to the regulations, such as beyond-visual-line-of-sight where CASA accepts the safety case for the operation remains within the level of aviation safety 
  • Allows you to apply for additional approvals
  • If you require your ReOC fast, enquire about our Rapid ReOC which can be fast-tracked & delivered within 3 weeks


Excellent place to do drone training. The gents at The Ripper Aviation Academy are the real deal, have plenty of available practice drones on course so your never standing around waiting. Mike the Chief pilot has a wealth of experience and knowledge after a lifetime of experience in the aviation industry. If your looking at doing the course, look no further as you'd be cheating yourself going anywhere else.

Damien King July 10, 2020

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