June 25, 2019

Little Ripper Co-founder at Frontier in Sensing Forum

Dr. Paul Scully-Power, Co-Founder of The Ripper Group, (and is Australia’s first astronaut), was invited on a panel discussion by the NSW government with a selection of industry and government leaders who are pioneering with their innovative use of smart sensing – Frontier in Sensing Forum.

Smart sensing refers to sensors that are smaller, more dynamic, networked and state-of-the-art. It draws upon rich multi- disciplinary research in physics, chemistry, engineering, IT and data analytics. Analysis of the rich data sets derived from smart sensing networks inform decisions, investments and actions with greater efficiency, automation, accuracy and immediacy.

Dr Scully-Power among a long and distinguished list of achievements is NSW Government’s Space Industry Ambassador and a Board Member of the NSW Smart Sensing Network. He also serves on the Defence External Review Board and on the Advisory Boards of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Dr Paul Scully-Power is an integrator, strategist and orthogonal thinker and is Australia’s first astronaut. He has extensive international experience in industry, government, and academia in the US, UK, Australia & New Zealand, and is well known for his network of people and institutions around the world. He has broad expertise in defence, national security & intelligence, aviation & aerospace, remote sensing, cybersecurity, and systems analysis & ICT. He has served as Chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Chancellor of Bond University, and Chairman of the Queensland Premier’s Science & Technology Council.

Dr Scully-Power worked for over three decades in the United States, holding executive appointments under Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, where he led and managed many high tech, defence and security programs, He held the Distinguished Chair of Underwater Acoustics in the US Navy, and was a Research Associate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Chairman of Membership of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, President of the Fort Trumbull Federal Credit Union, and served on the Universities & Colleges Accreditation Board & the Offie of Naval Research.

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