April 28, 2020


The world’s largest drone company, DJI Global has agreed to work with Westpac Little Ripper to supply and deliver the drone solution to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.

The Ripper Group will work in collaboration with our global partner DJI out of China. DJI is the world’s largest drone company, which currently supplies 85% of drones globally.

DJI adapted its agricultural spraying drones to spray disinfectant in potentially infected areas at the beginning of the outbreak and has treated hundreds of millions of square meters. The Ripper Group has a fleet of  DJI Agras MG1-P’S supplied by our global partner.

DJI were engaged by the CCP at the height of the pandemic outbreak in China, spraying in excess of 600,000,000m² and have now been approached by Governments around the globe to help.

The Ripper Group is working a number of manufacturers for the best solution for all levels of government.  Sunshine Coast based business Grenof has developed a proven technology that can help remove the COVID-19 virus from public and outdoor spaces. The citywide ozone outdoor disinfection system is designed to use ozone disinfection to kill the virus.

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