Bought a drone? Learn how to fly it...

New CASA regulations introduced in September 2016 permit individuals and organisations to fly sub 2kg RPAS without formal training, but under strict guidelines. Whilst these changes provide greater flexibility, an element of training is strongly recommended to navigate the rules and keep RPAS flying safe and fun. The Drone Basics Course offers a great solution through a fun, cost effective 1-day training package. 

Who’s it for

  • Parents wanting peace of mind that their children are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to fly safely and within CASA regulations
  • First time drone owners and operators wanting a low-fuss, yet thorough, theory-based training solution
  • Organisations wishing to provide evidence that a baseline level of RPAS training has been provided prior to their staff operating sub 2Kg RPAS
  • Schools wishing to provide introductory RPAS training to students.

What’s Included

  • 1-day theory and flight training package
  • Lunch
  • Tea, coffee and snacks
  • Certificate of Training awarded by The Ripper Aviation Academy

What it allows you to do

Fly your sub-2kg RPAS safely and with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to do so.

Opportunities and benefits

  • Peace of mind for individuals and organisations that a foundation level of training has been provided prior to taking advantage of CASA’s sub 2Kg regulations
  • An excellent stepping stone to additional training and certification. You will be ahead of the curve!
  • Generous discounts on other Academy training packages.
Face to face (Theory and practical)