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Sub 2KG Flying Start Course - Online $59
Completely online, this course involves a 1 hour engaging briefing that looks at the rules, regulations and theory elements of RPAS Flight. Unsure if a job in the industry is for you? This is a great course to help - and a great gift!

Our Sub 2KG Flying Start course is an excellent course aimed at beginners or those who want to understand more about flying drones and especially where you can and cant fly them. In a neat briefing voiced by our Chief Remote Pilot, we discuss everything around the rules and regulations around flight in this category, what you can and cant do and where you can and can't do it. 

You'll understand about airspaces and flying near airfields. You'll learn about separation from manned aviation, disorientation and emergency situations. This course is based around the same framework as our RePL courses, so it will set you up very well to progress if that's what you'd like to do. And if not, you'll leave being a much safer pilot and always have access to the very best in flight instruction available - anywhere.



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