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DJI UTC Aerial Photography - 3 Days $1499

Become a recognised and certified DJI Aerial Photographer with our DJI Professional Photography course. Learn about composing, settings and skills to capture the perfect shot.

This Course.
Learn the skills required to capture stunning and unique images by taking part in our Aerial Photography course. Aerial photography has become extremely popular in recent years for photographers in a full range of fields including weddings, travel and news. Aerial photography lets you capture unique angles and images that would never be possible through traditional means of photography. Throughout our Aerial Photography course, you will learn basic drone flying skills:

  • Flight safety
  • Controlling practice
  • Flight operation
  • Basic aerial photography techniques

You will also take part in Industrial Application Training:

  • How to plan a flight route
  • Appreciation of aerial footage
  • Aerial photography techniques

This course is 100% online, including a practical test and theory exam. Students who successfully pass will be awarded a certificate of completion in Aerial Photography.

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